Meet our Artists

Jesse James (Owner)

Born in Maui and was inspired by drawing as a kid, Jesse has been tattooing for over 8 years and has been featured in many articles. He moved to Vegas 4 years ago to improve on his tattooing skills and raise his family.

Jeff Martinez

I’ve been tattooing 13years love doing art as kid . I specialize in black and gray . Let me design something up for you and do something custom.  

Art Ramirez

Step into my world of inked wonders. I’ve been crafting tattoos since 2010, honing my skills and passion for the art. Specializing in hyper-realistic designs, each piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship. Join me on a visual journey through the years, where skin becomes a canvas for extraordinary expressions. Welcome to a realm where every stroke is a testament to my dedication and love for the art of tattooing.

Logan Mercede

Been tattooing 2 years and to draw comics , anime and traditional style.